Hair Replacement 101

Just witnessed a hair replacement (h/r) procedure and to say it was an eye opening experience, is an understatement. For a non-hair loss sufferer, it was quite a treat to see everything unfold right before you. This blogger was present to satisfy curiosity on the subject so to speak and gain a new perspective on how the convergence of science & art is applied to hair & scalp health care.

Being a newbie, this blogger could swear having seen the difference of the before and after treatment phase, was like night & day. Almost instantly, 10 to 15 years were slashed from the h/r candidate’s age from looks alone and if there were metrics which measure confidence, numbers would be off the scale.

H/r candidate was a stage 5 0r 6 as classified on the Norwood Chart, standard used to identify degree of male pattern baldness with 1 as the lowest & 7 as the highest. Hair loss on apex (top of the head) has virtually become a shiny dome, where little or no hair grows anymore.

“Surviving” hair strands are shaved off to clean out the surface. Then it is treated with a cleansing mask which removes excessive oil, making sheath dry & smooth.  Initial process makes sure that hair system will remain in place once it is fixed.

Using only 100% human locks, a matrix of hair is carefully knitted on to a scalp like membrane. The same material has the same skin tone as the scalp, thus making the system blend in naturally.

To attach hair system, retention tape is applied around its perimeter. Then the hair technician proceeds to trimming the remaining hair on our h/r candidate. He further explains, it is necessary to cut the natural hair in layers to achieve a match on the facial features of our h/r candidate. Also, once the hair system is mounted, trimming makes one unaware of the difference as if no hair loss happened.

Upon application, hair system is ready for fitting. Technician sets up from the front & back. One by one, tape is carefully peeled off to apply the system. He sees to it no wrinkles or uneven surfaces come out where natural hair & the hair system combine. Constant pulling and tugging ensures stability and strength of the installed hair system, to simulate natural hair & scalp.

Totally painless, quick & non-intrusive, the hair replacement procedure this blogger has witnessed, is one of the most viable & practical hair loss solutions available. To put it bluntly, it would allow you to lead whatever lifestyle you want. Thus giving it an enormous upside that further outweighs its downside, that is virtually none. So, you can kiss those anxious moments goodbye. Swim, sail & feel the wind blow your hair or even have somebody run their fingers through them. Such emotions you can experience once more with a full set of crown on your head.

Ultimately, it is freedom what hair replacement gives you and allow you to face the world with a renewed outlook that will surely emanate from your façade into your inner self.  To know more about hair replacements, call 04 335 3336 or visit our website


Microscopic Hair Transplants

We save your hair, one follicle at a time. This is the literal explanation to what Microscopic Hair Transplant is all about.

The exponential advancement of hair science has allowed hair to be transplanted in exactly the same way it naturally grows- in each of its follicular units.

The process of Follicular hair transplant has proven to be the most effective method of hair transplantation.  Through this, close to a natural solution is achieved.  Appearance wise, this is the closest thing to being natural, so real you might even forget, you had your hair treated.
How Transplants Work

One to three units of hair follicles are moved from the donor site situated at the back of the head to the areas where hair growth is needed.

The follicles are no longer susceptible to hair loss and will naturally continue to grow, once they are in place. After the procedure, you can have your full set of healthy hair that will stay with you as long as you live.

I’m pretty sure hair loss sufferers around the world who may come across this blog are thinking right now. So I would like to pose a question to you all, if you had the means or if you could have your way, wouldn’t you want to have your hair regained in this manner?

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us so we could discuss further.

Let us tell you more about our Microscopic Hair Transplants. Please log on to or call us at (04) 335 3336.

Practical Hair Loss Solution #2 Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Here is where you get to experience the best of both worlds. Science and art converge to make your scalp the canvas for this particular masterpiece. The world renowned Virtual Reality (V.R.) hair replacement system has earned a reputation for being the next best thing to natural hair itself. Employing a strand by strand process, a careful analysis of your head’s crown area that is suffering from hair loss is examined. Then our hair technicians expertly add real human hair on those spots and placed in the same natural way when it grows.

Creating a virtually undetectable matrix of transparent fibers, that specifically fits the balding & thinning spots of your head The customized matrix is then integrated into your own hair using Polyfuse® for a clean & seamless look. No one will ever notice it, even how close they could get, once the VR hair replacement system is in place.

As science has done its job, art comes in next to complete your look. An assigned, expert hair stylist will cut and style your hair, with aesthetics in mind, the objective is making you look better. Your age and facial structure comes into full consideration in creating the best look for you.

With all considered, expect to be ushered in with 2nd looks and jaw dropping stares who’ll be mesmerized by what the VR hair replacement system has done for you! For an in depth look at the VR hair replacement systems, call us at (04)335 3336 or log on to our web site at

Practical Hair Solution #1

Laser Revivogen Hair Treatment (LRHT), is of intense hair rejuvenation in nature. This hair loss prevention program covers all the bases. Rejuvenation begins with every hair strand to ultimately reinvigorate your life. This works well as a complete program to maintain the state of your existing hair.

The regimen primarily consists of an advanced hair rejuvenation cleansing & conditioning system for balding scalp & thinning hair. LRHT consists of an effective DHT blocker promoting hair re-growth and low laser light to improve blood flow of the scalp in growing back your hair. The FDA approved Revivogen combines with a low level laser more popularly known as cold laser, HairMax Laser. They work in unison to prop up hair growth in thinning areas. LRHT keeps your hair follicles in the growth phase longer. Thus, allows you to grow back thicker strands of hair to delay its further thinning. It usually takes 4-6 months after to see the results. Thicker hair will be visible by that time. But the benefits can be sowed for last a lifetime.

Through photo therapy, HairMax LaserComb uses its energized low  laser light to help improve blood circulation, at the root level of the scalp.  It stimulates the growth of each follicle. Once it becomes rejuvenated and stronger, it is now capable to produce thicker and healthier hair. Revivogen effectively treats hereditary hair loss. Androgenic Alopecia as it’s known scientifically. It harmlessly binds to the Androgen receptors on your hair to stop DHT from getting attached to hair follicles which causes to shrink & kill your hair. The less DHT attached to your Androgen Receptors, the more your hair starts to grow to resumes its normal cycle.

This will allow small strands of hair to develop while dormant hair can start to grow again. The potent use of Revivogen and Laser Hair max speeds up your hair growth process. To know more about LHRT log on to or call us at (04) 335 3336 TODAY!