Practical Hair Solution #1

Laser Revivogen Hair Treatment (LRHT), is of intense hair rejuvenation in nature. This hair loss prevention program covers all the bases. Rejuvenation begins with every hair strand to ultimately reinvigorate your life. This works well as a complete program to maintain the state of your existing hair.

The regimen primarily consists of an advanced hair rejuvenation cleansing & conditioning system for balding scalp & thinning hair. LRHT consists of an effective DHT blocker promoting hair re-growth and low laser light to improve blood flow of the scalp in growing back your hair. The FDA approved Revivogen combines with a low level laser more popularly known as cold laser, HairMax Laser. They work in unison to prop up hair growth in thinning areas. LRHT keeps your hair follicles in the growth phase longer. Thus, allows you to grow back thicker strands of hair to delay its further thinning. It usually takes 4-6 months after to see the results. Thicker hair will be visible by that time. But the benefits can be sowed for last a lifetime.

Through photo therapy, HairMax LaserComb uses its energized low  laser light to help improve blood circulation, at the root level of the scalp.  It stimulates the growth of each follicle. Once it becomes rejuvenated and stronger, it is now capable to produce thicker and healthier hair. Revivogen effectively treats hereditary hair loss. Androgenic Alopecia as it’s known scientifically. It harmlessly binds to the Androgen receptors on your hair to stop DHT from getting attached to hair follicles which causes to shrink & kill your hair. The less DHT attached to your Androgen Receptors, the more your hair starts to grow to resumes its normal cycle.

This will allow small strands of hair to develop while dormant hair can start to grow again. The potent use of Revivogen and Laser Hair max speeds up your hair growth process. To know more about LHRT log on to or call us at (04) 335 3336 TODAY!


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