Practical Hair Loss Solution #2 Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Here is where you get to experience the best of both worlds. Science and art converge to make your scalp the canvas for this particular masterpiece. The world renowned Virtual Reality (V.R.) hair replacement system has earned a reputation for being the next best thing to natural hair itself. Employing a strand by strand process, a careful analysis of your head’s crown area that is suffering from hair loss is examined. Then our hair technicians expertly add real human hair on those spots and placed in the same natural way when it grows.

Creating a virtually undetectable matrix of transparent fibers, that specifically fits the balding & thinning spots of your head The customized matrix is then integrated into your own hair using Polyfuse® for a clean & seamless look. No one will ever notice it, even how close they could get, once the VR hair replacement system is in place.

As science has done its job, art comes in next to complete your look. An assigned, expert hair stylist will cut and style your hair, with aesthetics in mind, the objective is making you look better. Your age and facial structure comes into full consideration in creating the best look for you.

With all considered, expect to be ushered in with 2nd looks and jaw dropping stares who’ll be mesmerized by what the VR hair replacement system has done for you! For an in depth look at the VR hair replacement systems, call us at (04)335 3336 or log on to our web site at


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