No doubt about it, we have to use a shower filter.

No doubt about it, we have to use a shower filter.

No doubt about it, chlorine is a toxic chemical. It is used in treating water primarily for the reduction and elimination of biological agents of all shapes, size and form. These are the bacteria and viruses present in our public water systems.

No doubt about it, we are exposed to Chlorine practically all our waking hours. It could prove harmful to us when we drink it and when it is absorbed into our skin and inhaled into your lungs when we take that refreshing shower. Some estimates indicate that, “shower steam” right in our very bathrooms can contain a hundred times more over the amount of chlorine than the water we consumed. This is because chlorine evaporates from the water at low temperatures. Thus every time we take a bath with unfiltered water we are exposed to inhaling and absorbing chlorine into our bodies simultaneously.

No doubt about it, such conditions may arise or be aggravated due to constant chlorine exposure;

Respiratory Conditions (nose, throat, lungs, sinuses): Asthma, bronchitis
Hair: Dry, brittle
Skin: Dry, flaking, dandruff, itching, rashes (especially with infants and children)
Eye irritations and other conditions

No doubt about it, these concerns can be easily addressed.

No doubt about it, it’s quite obvious, it is a necessity to have a shower filter installed in our bath rooms to remove the harmful effects of chlorine in the water we use. Vivandi shower filters, remain the best in the UAE & the Gulf region markets, in terms of sheer numbers alone. For years it has been a part of the lives of expatriates and locals alike. Bathing in filtered shower water leaves their hair & scalp healthy, skin and body soft and supple.

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Pregnancy Induced Effluvium

Pregnancy may be a key life event where hair loss can develop. Hair loss may begin during the last trimester or it may begin after child birth. Hair loss is often a form of telogen effluvium but sometimes pregnancy can promote the onset of (androgenetic alopecia) in susceptible women.

Post partum alopecia

Postpartum alopecia is quite a common form of hair loss. In non-pregnant women about 10% to 15%of hair follicles are in a telogen resting state. During the late stages of pregnancy more and more hair follicles enter an anagen growth stage until shortly before birth 5% or fewer hair follicles are in telogen. After child birth up to 60% of these anagen stage hair follicles switch off and enter telogen all at the same time. The hair loss may become progressively worse for up to four months after child birth and it may persist for several more months as the hair follicles reorganize themselves and begin activity again.
Pregnancy involves prolonged hormone levels, particularly estrogen. Estrogen is known stimulate hair follicles and maintain them in an anagen growing state. So in pregnancy the hair follicles are not allowed to cycle as they normally would. The hair follicles are forced to keep active even though they might normally want to have a rest as part of the hair cycle. After child birth the estrogen levels suddenly drop and hair follicles are finally allowed to enter telogen all at the same time.

Pregnancy induced effluvium

Pregnant women are eating for two and a growing embryo consumes a lot of energy and nutrients. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and/or minerals can be the result if a diet is not adjusted to increase intake of required nutrients. Telogen effluvium type hair loss may develop.

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Hair Loss & Childbirth

Women around the globe face the specter of suffering the “human molt” which means hair shedding only to be replaced by new strands. This particular hair loss which can immediately follow child birth is a rite of passage to some, while others can suffer hair loss caused by the constant stress in leading lucrative & high profile careers at the same time dabbling into the wonderful world but equally taxing role of motherhood.

Pointing to educational & career pressures, more women postpone having babies until their late 30s and early 40s. These women have far more greater chance that their hair will thin as a result. Blogs and articles abound these past few years, have noted that an increase in women with thinning hair following late babies and indicate no signs of slowing down.

This moved Mr.Amin Sheybani, Vivandi Hair Spa CEO/Founder, to say, “Hair is the most vulnerable point of the body and most often than not, when there is undue stress it’s the first to go.” Before it could get any worse, please do see a Trichologist near you, for your condition to be addressed at the soonest.

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Eight Letters Men Dread the Most: H A I R L O S S or B A L D N E S S

Seeing more hair clogging your sink & shower lately? You’re noticing more hair in your sink and in your shower. Although you just shrug it off & deem it as trivial.  Once the time arrives you stare at your reflection and you just have to face the fact, you’re beginning to lose your locks.

Eight letters to most men may mean the end of the world, H A I R L O S S or B A L D N E S S . Count them, it’s such a huge traumatic experience for men, since it signals the coming of “age”,. old that is. Both are subliminal reminders that one’s youthful glory days are slowly but surely, slipping away. Although, no one refers men’s hair as their crowning glory, but hair loss or baldness can certainly make any man feel less confident & attractive, regardless of race, color & social stature.

Having to get over the fact their top is gone, some men can get stuck in different stages of the grieving process, unable to move on to acceptance. They start wearing a ball cap or a beanie wherever they go. And they stubbornly stick with the hairstyle they rocked when they were 20, even though it’s now making their thinning hair look even worse than it has to. They don’t know how to go bald gracefully.

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Four (4) Gems to Bring Back Glory to a Woman’s Crown

Around the world there are at least 40 million women who are suffering hair loss or female pattern baldness. Out of this number, 25 million are in the US, where advances are made to address this unpleasant condition. The rest are spread the world over.

There are many reasons why hair loss in women occur, hormonal imbalance, genetics and diseases to name a name a few, so once hair fall happen at an alarming rate, what do you do? Here are some Do It Yourself tips to tide you over this situation.

Regular Hair & Scalp Massage

Rubbing down your hair & scalp regularly while taking a shower in chlorine filtered water and using a deep cleansing shampoo. This makes sure your scalp retain its natural moisture and allow it to be free of residues from chlorine in water and dirt from constant outdoor exposure.

Keep your hair & scalp free from chemical based styling products

Residues from such can combine with accumulated dirt that may clog follicles, thereby prohibiting hair growth. It is necessary to do away with hair products since it hampers hair & scalp wellness.

Use an Effective Chemical Free DHT Blocker

Presence of an enzyme called 5 Alpha Reductase converts the Testosterone in our hair follicles to produce DHT or Di Hydro Testosterone. DHT causes increased hair loss and gradual miniaturization of the hair follicles. Good thing there are a lot of hair loss formula medication in the market today. Just be sure to be on a look out for chemical free solutions such as Revivogen, it effectively blocks the DHT from doing damage and it is proven to reactivate follicles and stimulate hair growth. While the ones laced with chemicals, more often than not have side effects.

See your Trichologist

To effectively address these concerns, your initial step should be, is to see a hair and scalp specialist who is knowledgeable in providing the most effective and at the same viable treatments that will suit your personality or lifestyle. In Dubai, UAE, you may find one of the best on the region, if not the best, Mr. Amin Sheybani. To know more about him please log on to

Experiencing Hair Fall During Summer Season

Sometimes our hair fall condition could get even worse at certain seasons, especially during summer.

With the intense heat, the pores on the skin’s surface tend to make the skin spread in releasing sweat. This makes our hair weak and prone to falling off. Most often than not, we also have itching and irritation in our scalp which comes along with the hair. If left untreated, constant scratching could cause the scalp and could possibly lead to infections which could make hair loss get much worse to begin with.

Here are some tips you can apply in going around hair loss this summer. Start with a de-chlorinated shower on a daily basis, use Vivandi shower filters from the US, the best in the UAE market. Filtered shower water allows your hair & scalp to breathe and rinses it off of dirt totally.. Make sure you use a deep cleansing shampoo, that is gentle on the scalp and delivers bio-active nutrients that create healthy environment for hair to grow. Vivandi has Revivogen and Tricomax shampoo to address these needs.

Protect your hair & scalp from the scorching sunlight. Exposure to extreme outdoor conditions leaves hair coarse & dry. Simply put on a hats, caps or scarves to do the trick. To bring the level of scalp protection up a notch, apply Tricomax scalp cleansing mask to remove the impurities & debris accumulated on your scalp.

This may sound ironic though, but particular season of blistering heat may be a nuisance due to excessive hair fall, which on the other hand makes your hair grow at an even faster rate. Here’s why, our body is known to have a more efficient blood circulation during winter or any other season.  The humid temperature increases our body heat which allows it to work faster, thereby making our cells develop quicker, which leads to hair growth.

See to it that you take all the necessary precautions to avoid hair loss during this summer. All we could do is reduce damage to our hair & scalp since the seasons come with nature itself.

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Lost Hair Found! Dubai As A Cost Effective Destination For Hair Replacement Solutions

Dubai is known as one of the must visit destinations in the world. It is a city dense with top notch attractions enough to whet the cravings of a jaded travel bug. The once desolate Emirati oasis is also home to the most vibrant aesthetic industry in the Middle East. The beauty & wellness scene in particular is thriving in unprecedented levels. Citizens from neighboring GCC countries and the rest of Europe, with its proximity to the Gulf, flock to the UAE to have any issues on hair, scalp, skin and everything that has anything to do with a better self image, dealt with.

You simply name it, Dubai has certainly got it. Especially high end hair replacement salons which is not found in wanting. It is a known fact that hair loss transcends gender, age and race. It can come to just about anyone. This unpleasant condition can prove devastating to one who suffers from it, from a physical & emotional standpoint. On this reason alone, people go through great lengths to seek practical solutions in solving it permanently.

For the past 12 years or so Vivandi Hair Spa has been and is still is at the forefront of the hair & scalp care business. Serving over thousands of satisfied hair replacement recipients, the industry leader continues to upgrade its hair systems. Vivandi Trichologists recommend the most practical hair system that fits your lifestyle, so you will be guaranteed to receive the best value for your money.

Made of 100% natural hair, strands are carefully mounted on a matrix of scalp like material, that adopts to the skin tone of your dome. Like what they have in the movies, hair system will naturally look & feel as if hair grew on you. You could instantly look 10 to 15 years younger, giving you back a renewed outlook in how you perceive yourself. When in Dubai, do what the expats do, visit the one of a kind landmarks and look up Vivandi Hair Spa