More WOMEN are Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss is a perennial problem that affects both men & women, it can occur at any age, even in children. Hair loss can definitely affect one’s self esteem and cause untold misery on your appearance which hinder you from leading the social life you would want to lead.  This notable especially on women who find their hair as their crowning glory & to take it away from them would be devastating not only physically but emotionally and psychologically as well.

Today, a lot more women are experiencing hair loss & some unfortunate individuals, occurring at an early age. The reason for this increasing incidence of hair loss in women is that a lot of women nowadays take most of the men’s role, in so doing untold stress are bore upon them.

More so, with women who have children, aside from attending to their motherly duties, work and household chores add up to their woes.

Women hair loss sufferers fret no more. We are to help you out deal with the unpleasant condition. For more information please log on to our website or call us at +971 4 335-3336.


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