Having a Bad Hair Day? Get rid of it, permanently!

Based on Founder & CEO Amin Sheybani’s mantra, “healthy hair is beautiful hair”, Vivandi Hair Spa was founded. For more than 15 years, through Dubai’s foremost authority on hair & scalp care, he has transformed Trichology, the science of hair & scalp into an art form.

Being a hair loss sufferer himself, Mr. Sheybani has dedicated to lead a career in improving the lives of others, who have experienced the same pain as he did. He has been on top both figuratively & literally, of enhancing the image of celebrities. From royalty, entertainment people,  businessmen & politicians alike, Mr. Sheybani has given them back what they temporarily lost, a full set of hair & a whole lot of confidence.

The UAE’s leading Trichological Clinic remains to be the hub of the Mid East hair & scalp industry. It continues to introduce innovations in advancing its practice of giving advice & treatment for all types of hair & scalp issues, from the mildest to the extreme.

Addressing both medical & cosmetic issues, the Trichology Clinic has created for itself a proven track record of success for thousands upon thousands of satisfied clients. Hair loss sufferers, scalp solutions seekers continue to flock Vivandi Hair Spa for its trademark expert treatment & advise, which has a high batting percentage of addressing each concern..

To make your bad hair day go away forever, visit our website at www. vivandi .ae, today!


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