How Society Perceive Bald Women

From latest marketing figures, the hair care industry has ballooned into a US $ 10 Billion global enterprise. Businesses continue to fight for a big share of the pie through promoting their respective brands, focusing on women. At an early age, media has bombarded the opposite sex that the concept of beauty starts with a long, shiny set of hair. A whole new culture  has been spawned and other than what the mainstream establishment has set, anything less is unacceptable or becomes peculiar to the majority.

As a result, society as whole, doesn’t look upon bald women with the same toleration and admiration as it does upon men with a shaved pate. In the past, women with thinning hair hair had wigs, scarves or hats as options in covering their shiny scalp.

It may take weeks or months for the loss to become apparent. if you are an individual whose hair has always been thick & healthy, you are most likely to be embarrassed when you realize that your hair is gone.  It usually disappears all over the head, unlike that of male pattern baldness, female hair loss can still be very obvious on the front of the head above the eyes.

More on female baldness on our next blog. For now, you can check out our website at to know how the UAE’s leading hair & scalp care authority treats such unpleasant conditions.



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