How Hormones Affect Women Hair Loss

The hormonal activity that is associated with the thyroid gland has a link to thinning hair. If your thyroid is not producing enough of the hormones, you can experience headaches, fatigue weight gain & thinning hair.  In order for your thyroid levels to be high enough, it may be necessary to add supplements to your diet.  One difficulty with low thyroid  production is that the standard tests are not sensitive enough to disclose low level.

There are some diseases that cause thinning hair even baldness. Fortunately, these diseases are very rare. Some cancer treatments will cause the hair to fall out, but new drugs are being studied all the time to find one which has fewer side effects.

Treatment for female hair loss will depend upon the underlying cause. A consultation with a Trichologist or a hair & scalp specialist is critically important. Treatment with herbal formulas are preferred by some women. In other instances, prescription medication is necessary to show hair regrowth. Even genetically linked thinning can be reversed with the right treatment plans. Some treatments are oral, some are topical. there are even remedies that are both internal & external.

You no longer must depend on finding scarves, hats and what have you to cover up your hair loss. Its as simple as visiting your Trichologist to get the real cause of your thinning condition. The Trichologist will help youmap out a plan to effectively address these issues.

Since some remedies require several months to be effective, the sooner you get started, the better you will feel about your appearance. Visit our Facebook fan page and know more about how you can receive a complimentary hair & scalp treatment worth Aed 400.


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