Female Hair Loss: Myths & Facts

Latest studies show, women aged twenty five & above suffers from a type of hair loss with a 1:3 ratio.  Not as widespread in men within the same age bracket, it’s just as frustrating to witness a large part of your personality go down the drain, both literally & figuratively.

But the sign of the times point to the emergence of cure for this unpleasant condition. New discoveries and innovations are being introduced brought about by the extensive research on this particular field. Women of today have a lot of options available to them more than ever before.

Just hold on to your horses and before we can get into discussing effective solutions for women hair loss, take note of misnomers passed on from one generation to another on this hair splitting subject;

  • Hair loss is caused by excessive combing or brushing
  • Wearing hats, wigs or dyeing your hair too often
  • Hair care chemicals  used for frequent washing
  • Having your locks shaved in the belief that it will grow back more thickly and lushly

Funny as it may seem, but myths continue to be such and remain, yes a myth. Fact is, the hormones cause female hair loss. Drastic changes in estrogen levels can be attributed to pregnancy or the tenure of taking birth control pills. Other causes include: illness, stress, and inadequate nutrition. The three most common forms of hair loss in women have very different causes and treatments.

For solutions and treatments on female hair loss, log on to the UAE’s foremost authority in hair loss treatment & replacement solutions, www.vivandi.ae or call us at +971 4 335 3336.


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