Hair Loss Treatments For Men

If you are losing your hair faster than you can say hair loss and you would want to get it back, great for you! Because we live in this day and age that solutions and treatments to this unpleasant condition is widely available and well within your reach.  From the bio cleansing shampoos and conditioners to getting hair treatment, their accessibility are no longer confined to salons and pharmacies.  You just have to seek out a reputable establishment & commit yourself to your goal of restoring your hair’s thickness and shine.

Hair loss treatments are one way of regrowing back your hair, and many of them are doing quite well in the market due to the positive feedback from the consumers.  Surely there is no harm in trying them, these products are clinically tested to help hair loss sufferers regain their lost crowning glory. Effective DHT blockers, Hair solutions and low laser light devices are some of the ways that rejuvenate hair from the follicles. But it is still best that you seek advise from an adept trichologist to address your hair loss situation.

At Vivandi Hair Spa, treatments start by the assessment of the patient’s the hair & scalp, this is done by asking a few questions to identify specific causes, as hair loss can be a result of different causes, which includes heredity, stress, prescription medicines and the use of daily hair products that may damage hair follicles.

To see what we can do to help you overcome your hair loss condition, please log on to our website for more information,, today!


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