Food Supplements for Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Conceiving a life in your womb takes a toll on your body, since there are practically two mouths to feed. Your body’s vitamin and mineral daily requirement is easily drained due to this. In coping with this challenging process, it is essential to provide your cells with the proper nutrients. Great news is, the presence of various vitamins and minerals for hair loss are within your reach to minimize shedding and propagate new hair.

  • Vitamin B12 is an excellent all-round hair loss supplement that are present in salmon, tuna, liver, cheese and organ meats
  • Biotin, an important B-vitamin is vital in hair, nail and skin growth. It is also one of the most effective non-medical hair growth supplements. Although present in foods like liver and egg yolks, levels prove insignificant to promote hair re-growth
  • Vitamin C, found can be found in leafy green vegetables & fruits. Known to produce collagen that strengthens each hair strand and follicle to prevent premature graying and dryness.
  • Required in cell reproduction, tissue growth, and the production of sebum in the scalp, Zinc can be found in beef, whole grains, eggs, poultry and nuts.
  • Iron is needed to bring the hemoglobin to tissue cells. It can be found in spinach, broccoli, eggs, and fish.

With all taken into consideration, these vitamins and minerals contribute to the cause of hair re-growth. There is a possibility to minimize its occurrence or prevent hair loss by following a healthy dietary regimen is achievable. During the first few months post pregnancy, your hair is in the resting (telogen) phase of the hair growth life-cycle. Thus it is best to use the aforementioned supplements for at least 2-3 months when your hair has reached the growth (anagen) phase.

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