Post Pregnancy Hair Loss Facts

Months after trading your baby bump for a bundle of joy, you can’t help but observe more hair clogging your shower drain. For first time moms, hair loss after pregnancy can be a tense situation to face. Known in medical circles as Telogen effluvium, post partum hair loss is massive hair shedding which happens w/in 1-3 months after a traumatic physical or emotional event (such as pregnancy). This condition is characterized by general shedding, which is unlike female pattern baldness.

Retained extra hair during pregnancy is shed within weeks after giving birth. The temporary occurrence is a welcome development as it usually happens to allow normal hair growth to resume once hormone levels have evened out.

Compounding woes to hair loss after pregnancy is that the full set of hair you had while in conception, is now thinning at a startling rate. On the other hand it is not unusual, but there are precautions you can take during pregnancy to lessen these unpleasant manifestations. Include food supplements and watching what you eat can often restrict the amount of hair loss you experience postpartum.

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