Lost Hair Found! Dubai As A Cost Effective Destination For Hair Replacement Solutions

Dubai is known as one of the must visit destinations in the world. It is a city dense with top notch attractions enough to whet the cravings of a jaded travel bug. The once desolate Emirati oasis is also home to the most vibrant aesthetic industry in the Middle East. The beauty & wellness scene in particular is thriving in unprecedented levels. Citizens from neighboring GCC countries and the rest of Europe, with its proximity to the Gulf, flock to the UAE to have any issues on hair, scalp, skin and everything that has anything to do with a better self image, dealt with.

You simply name it, Dubai has certainly got it. Especially high end hair replacement salons which is not found in wanting. It is a known fact that hair loss transcends gender, age and race. It can come to just about anyone. This unpleasant condition can prove devastating to one who suffers from it, from a physical & emotional standpoint. On this reason alone, people go through great lengths to seek practical solutions in solving it permanently.

For the past 12 years or so Vivandi Hair Spa has been and is still is at the forefront of the hair & scalp care business. Serving over thousands of satisfied hair replacement recipients, the industry leader continues to upgrade its hair systems. Vivandi Trichologists recommend the most practical hair system that fits your lifestyle, so you will be guaranteed to receive the best value for your money.

Made of 100% natural hair, strands are carefully mounted on a matrix of scalp like material, that adopts to the skin tone of your dome. Like what they have in the movies, hair system will naturally look & feel as if hair grew on you. You could instantly look 10 to 15 years younger, giving you back a renewed outlook in how you perceive yourself. When in Dubai, do what the expats do, visit the one of a kind landmarks and look up Vivandi Hair Spa http://www.vivandi.ae.


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