Experiencing Hair Fall During Summer Season

Sometimes our hair fall condition could get even worse at certain seasons, especially during summer.

With the intense heat, the pores on the skin’s surface tend to make the skin spread in releasing sweat. This makes our hair weak and prone to falling off. Most often than not, we also have itching and irritation in our scalp which comes along with the hair. If left untreated, constant scratching could cause the scalp and could possibly lead to infections which could make hair loss get much worse to begin with.

Here are some tips you can apply in going around hair loss this summer. Start with a de-chlorinated shower on a daily basis, use Vivandi shower filters from the US, the best in the UAE market. Filtered shower water allows your hair & scalp to breathe and rinses it off of dirt totally.. Make sure you use a deep cleansing shampoo, that is gentle on the scalp and delivers bio-active nutrients that create healthy environment for hair to grow. Vivandi has Revivogen and Tricomax shampoo to address these needs.

Protect your hair & scalp from the scorching sunlight. Exposure to extreme outdoor conditions leaves hair coarse & dry. Simply put on a hats, caps or scarves to do the trick. To bring the level of scalp protection up a notch, apply Tricomax scalp cleansing mask to remove the impurities & debris accumulated on your scalp.

This may sound ironic though, but particular season of blistering heat may be a nuisance due to excessive hair fall, which on the other hand makes your hair grow at an even faster rate. Here’s why, our body is known to have a more efficient blood circulation during winter or any other season.  The humid temperature increases our body heat which allows it to work faster, thereby making our cells develop quicker, which leads to hair growth.

See to it that you take all the necessary precautions to avoid hair loss during this summer. All we could do is reduce damage to our hair & scalp since the seasons come with nature itself.

For more information on hair loss, thinning and shedding and for it to be addressed, please visit our website at http://www.vivandi.ae.


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