Four (4) Gems to Bring Back Glory to a Woman’s Crown

Around the world there are at least 40 million women who are suffering hair loss or female pattern baldness. Out of this number, 25 million are in the US, where advances are made to address this unpleasant condition. The rest are spread the world over.

There are many reasons why hair loss in women occur, hormonal imbalance, genetics and diseases to name a name a few, so once hair fall happen at an alarming rate, what do you do? Here are some Do It Yourself tips to tide you over this situation.

Regular Hair & Scalp Massage

Rubbing down your hair & scalp regularly while taking a shower in chlorine filtered water and using a deep cleansing shampoo. This makes sure your scalp retain its natural moisture and allow it to be free of residues from chlorine in water and dirt from constant outdoor exposure.

Keep your hair & scalp free from chemical based styling products

Residues from such can combine with accumulated dirt that may clog follicles, thereby prohibiting hair growth. It is necessary to do away with hair products since it hampers hair & scalp wellness.

Use an Effective Chemical Free DHT Blocker

Presence of an enzyme called 5 Alpha Reductase converts the Testosterone in our hair follicles to produce DHT or Di Hydro Testosterone. DHT causes increased hair loss and gradual miniaturization of the hair follicles. Good thing there are a lot of hair loss formula medication in the market today. Just be sure to be on a look out for chemical free solutions such as Revivogen, it effectively blocks the DHT from doing damage and it is proven to reactivate follicles and stimulate hair growth. While the ones laced with chemicals, more often than not have side effects.

See your Trichologist

To effectively address these concerns, your initial step should be, is to see a hair and scalp specialist who is knowledgeable in providing the most effective and at the same viable treatments that will suit your personality or lifestyle. In Dubai, UAE, you may find one of the best on the region, if not the best, Mr. Amin Sheybani. To know more about him please log on to


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