Eight Letters Men Dread the Most: H A I R L O S S or B A L D N E S S

Seeing more hair clogging your sink & shower lately? You’re noticing more hair in your sink and in your shower. Although you just shrug it off & deem it as trivial.  Once the time arrives you stare at your reflection and you just have to face the fact, you’re beginning to lose your locks.

Eight letters to most men may mean the end of the world, H A I R L O S S or B A L D N E S S . Count them, it’s such a huge traumatic experience for men, since it signals the coming of “age”,. old that is. Both are subliminal reminders that one’s youthful glory days are slowly but surely, slipping away. Although, no one refers men’s hair as their crowning glory, but hair loss or baldness can certainly make any man feel less confident & attractive, regardless of race, color & social stature.

Having to get over the fact their top is gone, some men can get stuck in different stages of the grieving process, unable to move on to acceptance. They start wearing a ball cap or a beanie wherever they go. And they stubbornly stick with the hairstyle they rocked when they were 20, even though it’s now making their thinning hair look even worse than it has to. They don’t know how to go bald gracefully.

If and when you are stuck in this type of rut, you can visit our website at www.vivandihairspa.com and we will help you sort out your hair loss condition by addressing it head on!


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