Hair Loss & Childbirth

Women around the globe face the specter of suffering the “human molt” which means hair shedding only to be replaced by new strands. This particular hair loss which can immediately follow child birth is a rite of passage to some, while others can suffer hair loss caused by the constant stress in leading lucrative & high profile careers at the same time dabbling into the wonderful world but equally taxing role of motherhood.

Pointing to educational & career pressures, more women postpone having babies until their late 30s and early 40s. These women have far more greater chance that their hair will thin as a result. Blogs and articles abound these past few years, have noted that an increase in women with thinning hair following late babies and indicate no signs of slowing down.

This moved Mr.Amin Sheybani, Vivandi Hair Spa CEO/Founder, to say, “Hair is the most vulnerable point of the body and most often than not, when there is undue stress it’s the first to go.” Before it could get any worse, please do see a Trichologist near you, for your condition to be addressed at the soonest.

To know more about the causes of thinning hair and women hair loss in particular, please visit our website, log on to, today.


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