No doubt about it, we have to use a shower filter.

No doubt about it, we have to use a shower filter.

No doubt about it, chlorine is a toxic chemical. It is used in treating water primarily for the reduction and elimination of biological agents of all shapes, size and form. These are the bacteria and viruses present in our public water systems.

No doubt about it, we are exposed to Chlorine practically all our waking hours. It could prove harmful to us when we drink it and when it is absorbed into our skin and inhaled into your lungs when we take that refreshing shower. Some estimates indicate that, “shower steam” right in our very bathrooms can contain a hundred times more over the amount of chlorine than the water we consumed. This is because chlorine evaporates from the water at low temperatures. Thus every time we take a bath with unfiltered water we are exposed to inhaling and absorbing chlorine into our bodies simultaneously.

No doubt about it, such conditions may arise or be aggravated due to constant chlorine exposure;

Respiratory Conditions (nose, throat, lungs, sinuses): Asthma, bronchitis
Hair: Dry, brittle
Skin: Dry, flaking, dandruff, itching, rashes (especially with infants and children)
Eye irritations and other conditions

No doubt about it, these concerns can be easily addressed.

No doubt about it, it’s quite obvious, it is a necessity to have a shower filter installed in our bath rooms to remove the harmful effects of chlorine in the water we use. Vivandi shower filters, remain the best in the UAE & the Gulf region markets, in terms of sheer numbers alone. For years it has been a part of the lives of expatriates and locals alike. Bathing in filtered shower water leaves their hair & scalp healthy, skin and body soft and supple.

No doubt about it, you should get to know more about our shower filters, we even have a website specially made for that purpose, please visit


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