Thinning Hair In Men And How Treatments Work

Most males think about their hair to be a huge part of their identity. The very thought of losing their head of hair hinders who they are as a man and causes worries of if they’ll be attractive to ladies and will they continue to be effective at their careers?

When hair loss is not a life threatening condition it can be impact someone’s life drastically by lowering their self confidence and self assurance. Nevertheless even with all of these prospective downsides there are still various males who are susceptible to going bald at an early age who do not fully grasp why they’re losing their hair and how they can treat it.

The Trigger of Thinning Hair

The majority of situations where males have hair loss are related having a hormonal sensitivity on the scalp to a naturally sourced substance within the body called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

This substance is a derivative of testosterone and exists to some extent in everyone. Nevertheless those experiencing hair loss generally have a high sensitivity to it specifically on their scalps.

The DHT binds to the hair follicles on their scalps which slowly cuts off the supply of nutrients the hair follicle uses to generate healthy new hairs. After some time the hair follicle shrinks to a point where it becomes dormant and is not capable of producing new healthy hairs anymore.

The true secret to treating this disorder is doing something properly prior to your hair follicles develop into being dormant.

The key would be to start off taking an effective hair loss treatment early which is sufficient and for it to be effective, it has to be done consistently. You won’t see visual outcomes over night, and it is achievable that within the beginning stages of treatment you could experience some shedding or excessive hair loss for some days, but stick with the regiment outlined by the enterprise you purchased the treatment from.

If you are feeling just a little unsure of where to start in looking for a credible hair loss treatment center, or you’d like some advice from a Trichologist, check us out, Vivandi Hair Spa, we are Dubai, UAE’s foremost hair loss & replacement solution provider for the past twelve (12) years. Visit our website at or call us at 04 335 3336 for a complimentary hair & scalp check up.


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