Helping Men & Women Hair Loss Sufferers get their Lives back.

Searching for the correct hair loss solution is similar to looking for a life-long partner destined for you. It is a vital choice, when made right can immensely alter your image and change the way you live your life forever. Each case is distinct from one or the other, since every human being is uniquely created so does the hair loss situation they may face.

By virtue of their age old tradition and herbal medications passed on from generation to generation, it has been a misnomer since time immemorial, that the best way to ensure a head of healthy hair is to be born in China! Compounding to hair fall woes, are the hereditary factors which play a great deal in determining one’s good hair.

However, external factors also play a major role in determining a head of healthy hair, and especially here in the UAE, where blistering heat and heavily treated shower water are second nature, making hair loss a common problem among locals and expatriates alike. ‘’Ninety five percent of our clients who visit Vivandi Hair Spa complain of hair loss. Most of them identify hormonal issues, androgenic alopecia, medical problems and stress and strain, as the culprit to their hair loss.” According to Amin Sheybani, Civandi Hair Spa CEO & Founder.

“Not helping to their cause. is the fact that there is high chlorine content in the shower water used in the Gulf region which leaves hair & scalp dry.’’ he goes on further to state, “It is a disaster for a woman to loss her hair.” The accomplished Trichologist continues to explain; “Scientific studies have shown that the causes of hair loss are too many and are different for each individual. Thus the treatment for each has to be different.” Being a hair loss sufferer himself, the affable and flamboyant Dubai resident, took his UK & US education to the UAE.

Out of his compassion & curiosity, he proceeded to know why most people in Dubai suffered from hair loss. This prompted him to establish Vivandi hair Spa, and for the past fifteen years and counting, he has never looked back since.

Stay on-line for the next part of the Vivandi Story, as told through the eyes of its CEO & Founder Mr. Amin Sheybani. To know more about the house Amin Sheybani built, please log on to


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