Helping Men & Women Hair Loss Sufferers get their Lives back.

2nd of 2 parts

Fueled by his passion and driven by his concern to alleviate the plight of Dubai residents, specifically those with image problems stemming from falling &thinning hair. The renowned hair expert, Amin, set forth to do studies and surveys in coming up with the market’s most viable solutions for hair & scalp health care.

From the start, critics were rather harsh on the new business. But the Trichologist/visionary was determined to do what he has set forth . With grim determination, he wasn’t hindered by the odds stacked up against the then fledgling enterprise. Mr. Sheybani recalls; “Everyone in business at that time, told us we were crazy.” Like any groundbreaking undertaking naysayers have a word or two to say negative about it.

Sheybani looks back with glee, “But everyone of course except the clients loved what we did for them!” Sheybani was guided by the premise that everyone wants to have and maintain an attractive appearance all the time. Before Vivandi Hair Spa’s inception, there was no such a place anywhere in the Emirates nor the GCC was providing what it offered. Creating a big dent and creating a niche of its own in the lucrative GCC market, Vivandi Hair Spa grew by leaps and bounds

Now running in its 12th year, the Vivandi brand remains strong more than ever. It has introduced innovations upon innovations in the hair & scalp industry in the UAE & the Middle east. The reputation it has established for itself is quite remarkable. Even competitors utilize methods and accept it as industry standards.  Backed by US based industry leaders, Vivandi hair Spa continues to dominate the market.

With a dynamic team supporting its equally adept founder, Vivandi Hair Spa is here to stay, stronger more than ever. Clients from all walks of life are assured of the same quality of service and technology the brand is known for.

Visit our website at to provide you a preview of the direction Vivandi is taking.


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